Designed by Mechanics for Mechanics


YELLOC Automotive Solutions keeps FLUIDS IN and DIRT & DUST OUT of your maintenance systems. Keep your workshop floors CLEAN and SAFE.
Preventing oil and chemical spills, leakage and contamination.
Reusable over and over again.

Designed by Mechanics for Mechanics

The rubber material used for  YELLOC Automotive Solutions is silicone free and highly resistant to many chemicals, acids and other aggressive fluids.

Temperature range -25°C to +90°C (-13 F to +194 F).

Please refer to YELLOC for any further information’s and/or required assistance.


Automotive Solutions


Automotive Solutions


Automotive Solutions


Automotive Solutions

1-10 mm | .04”–.4”

5-22 mm | .16”–.91”

13-42 mm | .47”–1,7”

35-80 mm, 60-130 mm | 1.4”–3.1”, 2.4”–5”

Blister box packaging

Micro  |  20 pieces
Standard  |  10 pieces
XL |  4 pieces
Mixbox |  4 + 4 + 2 pieces
Minimix | 6 + 4 pieces
Industrial 35-80 |  1 piece
Industrial 60-130 |  1 piece

How to use

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The Original

Designed for sanitary and
heating installations and service.

Special FDA approved material for
commercial and industrial applications
Designed by Mechanics for Mechanics

Yelloc in use

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