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The YELLOC quality tool concept is designed to keep spills of lubricants, fluids, and chemicals out of workplaces or environmentally sensitive areas. By design YELLOC prevents contaminants getting into expensive equipment when servicing hoses and manifolds.

The YELLOC design allows the plugs to be cut to fit the appropriate depth of the opening. If the plug bottoms out just cut the smaller end to shorten. Make sure to leave enough material outside the opening for later removal.

YELLOC plugs resist hydraulic oils, food based lubricants and normal automotive oil and chemicals.

YELLOC service plugs operate in a temperature range of -25’C to +90’C (-15’F to +195’F)

YELLOC plugs were created to cover a wide range of dimensional openings making sealing quick and easy.

YELLOC plugs are designed to work without tools. Just Push-Push and Twist to seal. YELLOC plugs are reusable! We recommend cleaning after use and to store in original package or a clean place.

Every effort has been given to ensure accuracy of information. Given YELLOC’s policy of continuous improvement, we reserve the right to change specifications without notice. Customers must ensure that goods are suitable for the purposes intended.

YELLOC is not responsible for information or texts that are produced by YELLOC customers.

Yelloc in use

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